Museo Arqueologico Nacional


Madrid for kids

This museum was founded by Queen Isabel II in 1867 and has amazing exhibits from Stone Age man to the Middle Ages.  There is a secret cave display in the front garden where cave paintings are reproduced.

1. What genus is modern man, that is, what are you scientifically known as?
2. Evolution theory claims man is a descendent of the ape.  Look carefully at these skulls.  Which is which?

3. You will find these tools and/or weapons downstairs.  
What clue tells you the probable order in which they were produced?

Bronze Age 2200-700 BC

4.   Why is there a period called The Bronze Age?
5.   What is Bronze?
6.   True or False Bronze is stronger then iron.
If you don't believe me wiki bronze

Why is the grave so important to the archeologist? Do you think there might be cultures we know little about because they did not bury things with their dead?

7.   Who wore these sandals?

look at these skulls and answer
question 2

Arsenic was added to make the bronze stronger

The Iberian Peninsula [now
Spain and Portugal] was first inhabited by hunters and gatherers around 800000 BC, then there was Neolithic farming around 5000 BC and then came Phoenicians in 1100BC followed by the Greeks, the Carthaginians and Celts.  And then came the Romans, the Moors and now it's the tourists seeking sun

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