Museo Arqueologico Nacional

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Do you recognise this game? It is in the Etruscan section but some historians believe Stone Age children were encouraged to play on cave floors to improve hand eye coordination and make them skilled

Egypt 3200 - 343 BC

8.   Find this hand and look carefully ...........  can you see
These are Canopic Jars.  They hold visceral from the body.  The Four sons of Horus, were the guardians of the organs:
  • Inset (depicted as a human) was responsible for the liver
  • Hapi (a baboon) for the lungs
  • Duamutef (a jackal) for the stomach
  • Kebechsenef (a falcon) for the viscera of the lower body.

    The Egyptians considered the heart to be the seat of the soul, so it was the only organ not removed from the body.  The brain was not preserved (it was held responsible for producing mucus/snot).  It was liquefied and completely drained from the corpse through the nostrils.
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