Museo Arqueologico Nacional

Madrid for kids

Look carefully at the art work of the Moors and think about what is NOT depicted in their designs compared to the art of the Romans, Greeks or Christians.

4.   Islamic art work does not depict human figures.True or False?

TRUE Islam forbade the painting of human beings, including Allah, to prevent idolatry, worshipping a false god.  ['All you believe him to be, he is not'- is an Islamic saying] Instead geometrical and calligraphic patterns are used

Christian Reconquest.

from 11th Century Christian Kingdoms slowly moved South until only Granada remained Muslim.
5. The Moors invented a device that revolutionized agriculture in Spain.  Was it the


Fernando II of Aragon and Isabel I of Castile marry uniting Castile and Aragon.  They became known as the Catholic Monarchs


-Columbus discovers the Americas and brings unprecedented wealth to Spain
-The fall of Moorish Granada
-Jews and Muslims were expelled from Spain unless they converted to Christianity.
Moors 711-1492 The Moors came from North Africa [Morocco and Algeria]The main centre was in Granada where they built the Alhambra
This round disc is an astrolabe, perfected by the Moors around 800 AD for navigators and astrologers


Spanish Inquisition established
7. Find this Cross look very carefully at the border designs on the cross.  Are they
8. Find this Nun.  What does she have resting below her hands?
Moors in Madrid Muhammad I [852-886] built a fortress where Madrid's Palacio Real is.  'Built on water were my walls of fire' he said.
6. Your Mission What do you think the walls of this fortress were made of?

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