Crack the codes in Christian Art

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Spanish Art is largely Religious and there are many hidden symbols within the sculptures and paintings that today's viewer misses The information here will help you 'read' Christian art and know who is who.  Astound your fellow travellers with your knowledge.

St John
represents Jesus as God and is seen as an eagle

Jesus symbolised by a fish a rock, a star, a lamb often holding a banner

St Mark represents Jesus as King is seen as a lion or a winged lion

St Philip bears a long slender cross symbolising his crucifixion after he was stoned and scourged
St Matthew represents Jesus as Man and is seen as a man or winged man

St Thomas usually carries carpenter's tools because he built a church with his own hands
St Bartholomew usually holds a flaying knife, the first instrument used when he was flayed alive, crucified, beheaded

St Matthew usually carries book and pen and ink horn symbolising his sacred writings

St Andrew often holds a often holds a wooden cross [St Andrew's Cross] on which he died on

St Jude the tireless missionary usually carries the book and a broadaxe symbolising his martyrdom

St Luke represents Jesus as a Priest and a victim and is seen as a calf or ox or winged calf or winged ox

St Peter
usually carries a key and a book

God symbolised by a light, flame, eye, hand and Greek letters Alpha and Omega

St Thomas usually carries carpenter's tools because he built church with his own hands

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