Madrid for kids
Passion of Christ crown of thorns the spear and nails

The Holy Spirit

lily symbolise purity

Aeriole and halo symbolise the glory of God and holiness

Five sacred wounds, blood and shroud

St Simon is symbolised by a saw which was used to saw him in half

Pelican a bird that feeds its young its own blood and symbolises Jesus

Virgin Mary usually wears blue, stands on a dragon or crescent moon, holds baby Christ
red rose
= love or Virgin Mary
St Paul
although not an original apostle is often shown with a Cross hilted sword of the Spirit

white daisy= innocence

Violet = Mary's humility

pansy = the Holy Trinity

St James's
symbols are the scallop shell, the staff and the wallet, all symbols of pilgrimage

St Jamesthe Less usually carries the fuller's 'bat' or club, the cause of his death
St John
often holds a chalice sometimes with a snake in it alluding to the time he was poisoned.
The Devil
symbolised by the serpent, goat, dragon, trident, inverted cross

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