Madrid unleashed for kids:

Madrid for kids

The essential survival guide based on the top10 things to do in Madrid.

Madrid is the capital city of Spain and is situated in the centre of the country

It is 660m above sea level and is Europe's highest capital city.

When King Philip II made Madrid the capital of Spain in 1561 its population was 15,000.

The bear if the official symbol of Madrid.  

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Spain is reknowned for bullfighting, flamenco dancing, siestas, Don Quixote, Easter processions, tapas bars and the best museums in the art world.

Accoring to the Guiness Book of Records Madrid has the oldest restaurant in the world called Botin.

Madrid is the home to the world's most famous anti war painting called Guernica by Pablo Picasso.

Madrid is also home to Real Madrid soccer team.  

The name Madrid comes from the arabic 'magerit' which means 'place of many streams or a lot of water.  

Madrilenos are often called 'Gatos' (cats) because of the historical legend where during the Moore invasion, an adept soldier climbed the outer walls with the agility of a cat; after which, his family assumed the name of Gato.

Warner Brothers Movie World at Madrid

Madrid has what Guiness book of records says is the oldest operating restaurant Casa Botin

The Spanish flag

The Comunity of Madrid flag

Flag of the City of Madrid

Royal Standard of Spain

The Standard of the Prince of Asturias

The Real Madrid emblem.  


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