The Rocks Teasure Hunt

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The Streets

This journey through The Rocks begins at the corner of Loftus and Bridge Streets, where the buses to Circular Quay terminate.

Hidden in the small park are the first two objects to find:

The First Fleet landed in Port Jackson on January 26 1788.  HMAS Sirius was the flagship of the First Fleet and two years later it was wrecked off Norfolk Island.

1 What two objects can you find that belonged to HMAS Sirius?
A and a

Close by you will find an OBELISK standing proud.   It was built by Francis Greenway to measure something.

2 Was the Obelisk used to mark the beginning of-

3.  The flag pole signifies the place believed to be where the first

4.  Walk down Loftus Street.   Can you find a flagpole along the street? Carefully cross the street to find out about this flag.
How many miles is Bathurst from Sydney?

Just a little information about the First Fleet and life way back then gathered from a cool book called Grim Crims and Convicts by Jackie French.

The First Fleet voyage was the largest ever migration of people, 1467 people traveled 24000 kilometres.

Britain decided to send convicts out to Australia because they were in need of safe anchorage in the Southern Hemisphere.   It looked like they had a war looming and they would be in big trouble without a place to stop and stock up with water, food etc.  on the way to the Americas and Asian ports.

James Cook had already seen Australia in 1770 and Joseph Banks, the Botanist on that voyage, told Britain that Australia would be a good place to settle.   Cook had called it New Holland and claimed it for the British.   Because the British Government wouldn’t be able to convince the sane good people to pack their worldly possessions and sail six months to a land no one had really any idea about, they decided to send convicts instead.

The convicts chosen for the first voyage were ranged from pickpockets, poachers, swindlers and forgers.   Luckily no rapists or murderers were sent.   There were 11 ships which carried 1467 people: 759 convicts, 13 convicts’ kids, 252 marines, wives and kids, 210 Royal Navy seamen and 233 merchant seamen.

People would be hanged for stealing things worth 5 shillings worth.   Judges might decide to transport you to the colony if he thought you could be reformed.

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