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Madrid for kids

Catholic Monarchs, Fernando II de Aragon [1475-1516]
Isabella I of Castile (1451-1504)
Their marriage brought Castille & Aragon together

Juana La Loca
Madness or depression?
See the Movie
Juana la Loca (2001 film)

Carlos III (1759-1788) Nicknamed 'The Mayor of Madrid' because he gave the city a sewerage system and various other public works.

Joseph Bonaparte(1808-1813)
Napoleon's older brother.  The Spanish people nicknamed him Pepe Botella ('Joe Bottle') because he drank too much.

Alfonso XII 1874-85
Some confusing political times and 1st Republic 1868-1874

Carlos IV (1788 -1808) Apparently his wife was the real power but Goya thought he was a loving father to his children

Felipe V(1700-46) abdicated in 1724 but Luis I died of smallpox 7 months into his reign so Felipe V had to resume the throne

2nd Republic
Niceto Alcala-Zamora (1931-6) 1st of the Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939)
Manuel Azana (1936-9)2nd of the Second Spanish Republic

Dictator Franco (1936-75)

Felipe II (1556-98) built El Escorial

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