Parque del Buen Retiro

The search for the hidden Crystal Palace

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The Parque del Retiro was once the garden for Felipe IV's Palace, of which only a few buildings like the ballroom remain [Cason del Buen Retiro and the Museo Ejercito].  An earthquake destroyed everything else.
The boating lake, Estanque, was once the venue for mock naval battles.  The last time the lake was drained there were 6000 fish that needed to be given a temporary home.
There were often pageants and bullfights, the most dramatic being between bulls and other ferocious or huge animals like elephants, lions, dogs and 'tigers'.
Step 1
find the correct answers to the following questions to decrypt the encrypted directions to the Crystal Palace.
1. For the city of Madrid Retiro is known as the
This is because the large area of trees helps produce oxygen and filter pollution.

2.   Retiro was originally

Go around the lake to the large monument

3.   Guarding the steps up to the monument are lions.  Some have things in their mouth.  What is it?
4.  The animal that appears most often in the monument of Alfonso XII is

5.How many pairs of columns are there in the colonnade behind the statue of Alfonso XII

6.Down on the water's edge are statues of nymphs.  What animal are they riding? Now move to the south end of the lake.  Go along the lake edge.  At the south end of the lake is the structure pictured to the left.

7. On the statue of Alfonso XII is the word pacificador.  This is Spanish for In his short reign, peace was established both at home and abroad, Pacific is the name of the ocean because it is tranquil.

8. The creatures that sit atop are

9. The giant form of this creature is in

10. This King is located near the gate in a long line of Kings in the Paseo de las Estatuas, Retiro.  He was the King who eventualy went mad.  He was
You will need to go to the corner of the lake where this fountain is and complete the code

11. What vegetable is the fountain pictured here modelled after?
The encryped directions to the Crystal palace
plf rfkm mhsc mnc johaldhe blhj qblr mnc hbmoinlsc qlfdmhod.  zncd plf bchin mnc iblkkblhj mfbd boanm hdj ieoru mnc krhee noee

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