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Hieronymous Bosch 'Garden of Earthly Delights' 1500

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This panel is Eden, the Earthly Paradise and depicts God creating Eve and Man's first sin, Eve eating the apple.  Everything peacefully coexists.
The first colour panel shows God creating Eve with Adam is seated.  They are in the Garden of Eden before Eve was tempted to eat an apple.  This was Man's first sin.

The Middle Panel: Man's downfall.  This panel depicts Earth before the Great Flood.
The central panel depicts people of all races engaged in sins like lust.  If you have time try counting the people.  

The third panel is Hell ..... there are all the different forms of torture for the different sins Man committed.
The third panel depicts a nightmarish Hell and the various forms of torture for the various types of sins.
People of different races are all depicted in a scene of gluttony and lust which leads to Man's downfall, the results of which are in the next panel.
Where is the artist?

This work is an altar piece in three parts called a tryptich.  The two side panels form doors which can be closed to reveal a black and white painting of the world on the third day of creation.  The artwork is highly detailed with an imaginative landscape full of bizarre creatures, strange landforms and organic structures.  The work, while having a religious theme, was most probably commissioned by a wealthy family rather than the church.  Bosch's highly original work was the result of his distance from other artists.  He worked in isolation and was therefore less constrained by artistic traditions.  The Surrealists were inspired by Bosch's dreamlike imagery 400 years later.

If you have google earth you can view this painting in very high detail.  Just Click on masterpieces.

Click On the side pannels to see the back of them

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