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Perspective The lines, seen and unseen, that frame the room converge at one point called the vanishing point create the illusion of space and depth and is known as 'linear perspective'.  As things move further away from you they become smaller and appear to be closer together.
Like telegraph poles along a road that disappear in the distance.  
Renaissance artists became aware of this phenomenom and master the depiction of perspective, space and distance in works like Fra Angelico’s.
Satire on False Perspective by William Hogarth 1754
The artist is not observing the rules of perspective and does not use consistent vanishing points.  Look at the twisting effect on the wall behind the man, achieved by changing the vanishing points half way down the wall.  The grid on the ground has a vanishing point in the foreground and not in the distance making it appear to stand upright.

Click on the locations in the painting where you think there is something not quite right.  there are 6 that I have explained but there are more.  

M C Escher is a well known 20th century artist.  The art work below defies logic.  Can you tell what is going up and down?

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