The Prado

Marinus van Reymerswaele
The Moneychanger and his Wife, 1539

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Flanders [which is now Northern France and Belgium] in the 1500's was the centre of flourishing industrial and commercial activity.  This is an 'occupational' portrait.  Surrounding the banker and his wife are objects associated with moneychanging.  On the table is an abicus and silver and gold coins, the wife rests her hand on the account book.  The banker holds a set of scales with which he carefully weighs the coins.  The work is from the Northern Renaissance.  There is great attention to fine detail and van Reymerswaele provides us with lots of information about life at the time from the clothing style of the Bourgeoise to everyday objects like the candle holder.  
Prove which is the fake.  Find the seven changes.

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