The Rocks Teasure Hunt

Cadmans Cottage 1816

Sydney for kids

Go under the trains and through to the Quay.   This hunt continues on the Rocks side of the Quay so turn left and go past the ferries.   As you continue up the walkway you'll turn and find brass plaques on the ground celebrating Australian and international writers who have written about Australia.
From the trains to the 'ship passenger terminal' you need to read each plaque to discover:

1.   The male name the female author Ethel Florence Lindsay Richardson wrote under.  
What was the name?

2 Who wrote about a 'sunburnt country'?

Read the signs outside the cottage.  

3. What was originally out the front of the cottage?

Inside the cottage are artifacts on display.

4. On the top shelf are shackles.
Today shackles are better known as

5 What were the shackles for the ankles called

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