Palacio Real

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The Palacio Real replaced two other palaces built on the same site after they burnt down.

True or False
1.The Palacio Real was designed to look like The Louvre in Paris, which was originally the French Royal Palace before becoming an Art museum.
2.The Palacio Real has 1000 room, 8700 windows and 240 balconies.
3.When Napolean's brother, Joseph, was Emperor of Spain Napolean came and visited and said 'Brother, you have a house that is bigger than mine!' Joseph Boneparte was the most hated king in Spanish history

4.The current King, King Juan Carlos I, lives in basement apartments in the Palacio Real
5.Madrid's Palacio Real is considered the finest palace in Europe and can be bought in the Sim City computer game.
6.The park, Campo del Moro, [Field of the Moors] at the base of the Palace was named after the Moorish army that was camped there in 1109.
7.The Campo del Moro used to be a playground for the royal children and a jousting ground for Christian Knights.
8.The Palace took 200 years to build.
9.Sometimes they close the Palace when the current King has special events to host.
10.The glass panes are small because it was safer than large panes because when opera singers reached the high pitched notes at special performances, glass could break.

Fire destroyed this Royal Fortress in 1734.  It was replaced by the Palacio Real, the third building, after Felipe V commissioned the Italian sculptor and architect Bernini to design it
Just how observant are you, would you make a good spy? The objects pictured above are from locations within the Palace.  Fill in the relevant box with the corresponding location but there have been a few red herrings thrown in to make sure you're not just guessing.

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