The Rocks Teasure Hunt

Rocks Museum

Sydney for kids

After looking at Cadman's Cottage walk up the stairs, across the road and to your right you will see Mill Lane.   Walk up Mill Lane and follow the sign to the Rocks Museum.   This museum has lots of fun activities and clues about life from 400000 years ago to white settlement to more recent times.

6.   The Rocks the settlement was built on are about

7.  The Aboriginal clan from The Rocks area was the

8.   In Room 2 find the green post .   It is said by Captain Lieutenant Tench that when the Aboriginals were first encountered thay had an hours conversation of signing and gesturing when finally the word 'Whurra' was used several times before the aboriginals turned and left the British landing party.  

9.   The word Whurra means

10.   Sydney Harbour formed around

Go Upstairs
11.   Find the interactive display about crimes committed in the colony.
Who was the man murdered in a most gruesome manner?

When leaving the Museum turn right and walk back to Mill Lane.   Go Left and up the stairs to Argyle Terrace.  

Find the secret passage at no.26.   Walk through to the remains beyond.   Work your way up the stairs.

12.   This well-known photograph depicts ratcatchers and a pile of rats caught in the Rocks area.   What did the rats spread in 1900?

13.   Find this sculpture on Argyle Terrace.   What is on the third face of it?

14.   What colour are the books on the mantle piece?

Visit the information Centre for the latest on Sydney events.  You will find more things to see.  

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