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Reading the symbols in the painting
The mother and dead child is a universal symbol for the horror of war and the innocent victims and the ultimate loss..  Here the mother looks like the Virgin Mary holding a dead Christ.  She looks to the heavens.

It cannot fail to move people.  This image is from an North American newspapers report of the Oklahoma bombing in the 1990s

The fallen warrior grasps his broken sword and a flower, seen by many as a symbol of bravery and hope.
Is this a sun or an eye? Perhaps it is God's all seeing eye

This tortured horse, impaled by a lance, with gaping wound and screaming mouth was said by Picasso to represent the people of Spain

The Light bearer possibly a symbol for the planes and the light is a bomb, or is she an angel escorting the innocent to heaven?
Many believe this bull symbolise the Dictator Franco, blamed for the bombing.  It is unhurt and and doesn't look to the sky and planes
Challenge: Find the dove in the painting.  You will need to look hard to find.

The fleeing woman is injured, she drags her leg behind her as she looks to the sky

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