Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

Joan Miro

Madrid for kids

Mission two:
Find the critter made out of the letters of Miro's name.  Can you see the letters?
When Miro was a young struggling artist he would often not be able to eat for days.  Apparently this hunger led to hallucinations where he would stare at the cracks in the walls and they would become some of the creatures you see in his surreal paintings.  
Joan Miro experimented with Surrealism like Dali.  His works are whimsical and child like and major symbols you will find in many of his works were birds, women, stars and constellations, the sun, the moon.

Mission one:
Find the artwork, on the right, that contains the words 'femme' and 'fleur' The title of the work is:
which means snail, woman flower

Danseuse Espagnole I [Spanish Dancer I]
[Paris, mid-February - spring] 1928

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