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Hi.   Madrid Zoo is the best in Europe, and thats not just because Im there
Everyones favourite animal is bound to be here: giraffes, cheetahs, monkeys, kangaroos, sharks, sea lion, dolphins, bears, wolves, vulture, rhinocerous, snakes and many more.  The dolphins do an awesome show, and the birds do too, but watch your head! Theres an aquarium with sharks and other weird species, like the peculiar pink specimen below.  Look carefully at the picture on the right.  

1. There are two fish, one thats small and stripey The second fish is much larger but harder to see, is it:
2. In Spanish (slang) the word for babysitter is an animal, is it:
kangaroo owl bear

4.   Why is a giraffes tongue a bluey black?
Because of its diet of licorice
To protect against sun exposure
It is a naturally occuring bacteria

5. Which land animal has the largest heart?
elephant hippopotamus giraffe
quarter horse or rhinocerous

6. Is an ostrich eye bigger than its
heart brain
stomach feet

Madrids zoo is considered to be one of the best in Europe.  Because it has a hot climate it has a great collection of african animals

Madrid Zoo web site

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