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Domenico Hans Holbein the younger
Portrait of Henry VIII, 1534-36
Holbein enjoyed international fame as a portrait artist and left Germany to paint for the English King, Henry VIII.  This painting is considered one of the museums gems.  Holbein's skills painting fabric, hat and jewels.   How many rubies are on his clothes? [including the three on his left sleeve that are not in the picture].
How many black pearls are on his hat? How many rings does he wear?

Domenico Ghirlandaio
Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni, 1488

In this portrait there are symbols for Giovanna's 'goodness' or piety.
They are the book [probably a ] and the rosary beads.
Her wealth and status are suggested through her jewellery and the rich fabric of her clothing.  
We see a side view called a
On her dress are white daisies.  White daisy symbolises what?

Are the above images of a sculpture or a painting?
Mission 1
How many tricks does van Eyck use to make these figures look like sculptures?
See if you can see 4 things he has done. Clues:
1.   in the background of the figures.
2.  The use of light and dark [tone] on the fabric suggests dimensional form
3.  The figures are placed on plynths as if they are
4.  The figures appear to escape the picture frame because parts of the figures overlap the frame and cast
This Flemish artist decided to represent figures realistically by observing very carefully what he saw.  He uses minute detail and such refined brushstrokes the figures appear almost photographic.

The Renaissance lasted from roughly 1400 to 1600 A.D.
It was desirable to be 'cultured' or educated as an increase in wealth and access to books led to a structured education system and the spreading of new ideas.  A new social class known as the bourgeoisie emerged and affairs related to business, commerce, and manufacturing were of great importance.  The invention of the moveable type printing press (1455) was crucial in the spreading of these new ideas.  The exchange of ideas grew rapidly enabling people to read the works of others and begin where they left off instead of starting all over again.

Renaissance Portraiture
During the Renaissance a new class of society emerged, the merchant.  Artists had new patrons and subject matter moved from solely religious themes to portraiture and mythology.  

Early Renaissance 1420-1500

Renaissance means
The European revival of classical art, architecture, literature, and learning.

The Renaissance period lasted from ....
Jan van Eyck The Annunciation Diptych, c.  1435-41 room 3: What do you notice is replacing the Gothic gold background in paintings?

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