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The Cure for the plague

Sydney for kids

Try your hand at being a medieval Doctor.
What do you think the advice would be in these three cases?

Patient 1.  
Your patient has black and blue blotches all over her body.  You are fairly certain it is the plague.  What treatment do you prescribe?
Rub goose droppings onto discoloured blotches.
Give the patient a treacle.  
Orient head of bed to east and place garlic under patient's pillow.
Patient 2.  
This patient is in bed with chills, a fever, and a terrible headache.  You find pimple-like spots covering his skin and diagnose smallpox, a contagious disease common in your time.  How will you treat this patient?
Wrap patient in red cloth and place red fabric over all windows
Burn a special combination of bark and herbs
Crush dried earth worms into a fine powder, mix with lamb fat and apply a layer to the body

Patient 3
You have a patient who is showing all the signs of having leprosy.  They have burns on their toes they don't know the cause of.  When you press a needle into toe the patient does not feel it.
Have the patient attend his own funeral and banish him to a colony
Amputate all parts of affected body
Apply leeches to all affected areas to suck out toxin

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