A work of art which did not begin with emotion
is not art

Many call
me the father of abstraction.  I reduced nature to the sphere, cone and cube.  My son, Paul, would be interested to know he had a sibling called Modern Art.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Modern Art - Cubism

Madrid for kids

Portrait of a Farmer, 1901-1906
Cezanne discovered an optical effect caused with warm [yellows/oranges] and cool colours [blues/green].  Warm colours come forward [towards the viewer] and cool colours recede.  Do you agree? He also simplified nature into cones, spheres and prisms.  He inspired the cubists by stressing the structural components in nature.

Cubism took the way we look at and 'perceive' the world and revolutionalised it.  Instead of looking at the world from a fixed point Picasso and Braque looked at something from multiple viewpoints simultaneously.  Art works could enter the fourth dimension.  They sacrificed colour and light in order to concentrate on the rational organisation of the form.

The brown cubist paintings are from the Analytical Cubism stage which ended in 1912

They also introduced into the art world when they glued cane and newspaper into their compositions collage

trivia: Plein Air painting could prove unhealthy.  After being caught in a thunderstorm while painting Cezannecaught pneumonia and died 6 days later in 1906, the year of this painting.  

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