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Modern Art - Expressionism

The German artists Franz Marc, Kandinsky and Macke formed a group of artists called der Blau Reiter [The Blue Rider] in 1911.  They all sought to express the spiritual in their work.  They believed colour had spiritual and symbolic ssociations
In 1910 Marc wrote his ideas about colour in a letter to artist friend MackeYellow is the female principle, gentle, gay and spiritual.
Blue is the male principle, astringent and spiritual.Red is matter, brutal and heavy and always the colour to be opposed and overcome by the other two.
The Dream, 1912
Marc and fellow expressionist Macke fought in World War One.  Macke died at the start of the war.  Marc's name was on a list of notable artists to be withdrawn from combat in World War I but before the orders were carried out, while riding a horse on patrol in the Battle of Verdun (1916), a grenade explosion killed him.

Modern Art - Futurism

Gino Severini, Expansion of Light,1912

I went to a mathematician to learn more about geometry.  When I applied his ideas to my drawings we were both amazed! 'There no art without science'

The Futurists were seriously crazy about machines, cars and speed.  High speed sequential photography inspired them One Futurist , Marinetti, wrote a manifesto saying that all the artworks in museums should be thrown into the river.  Futurists did not think artists of the past could teach them anything about the new industrial world.  and were pretty rude about it.  In this work you can see a little neo-impressionism, pointillism and a little cubism.  They took the concept of the fragmented object of the cubists, but instead of the object being static, the object was in different positions.  Time and motion on a 2 dimensional canvas.  Revolutionary!!!
Giacomo Balla, Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash, 1912

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