The Grand Via

Madrid for kids

The American writer Ernest Hemingway stayed in a hotel along the Gran Via during the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 [the hotel is not there anymore].  When he had to telex [the old fashioned email] a story to America he had to dodge bullets to get to the telephone exchange.  Hemingway wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls and Old Man by the Sea and is a very famous writer .

Keep your eyes in the skies around here

One more riddle to solve: Which sculpture has flown off the roof of the Metropolita, the building with the black and gold two tier domed roof?

All along the Gran Via and Alcala to Cibeles fountain you will see buildings crowned with warriors and Gods, even a golden egg.  But on this page are two figures who guard a door and are not up high..  The figures form columns and are called caryatids.  They were first used in the architecture of Ancient Greece

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