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The Paracas Mummy

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In Paracas there are many large underground burial chambers, able to hold up to forty mummies like this one.  It is thought they were for different families .  There is nothing on the top to indicate the tombs beneath.   The roof of the chamber was covered with whale bones and matting with small footholds in the walls.  

Paracas is the name of a fishing village on an isolated peninsula on the south coast of Peru that was home to an important Andean society between approximately 750 BCE and 100 CE.  'Paracas' means sand blown by the wind
What accessory
does the Mummy hold to help cool down?
a. a sun hat
b. a fan
c. a vessel for water

Each mummy was bound with cord to hold it in a sitting position and depending on status were wrapped in either a plain gauze for the poor or with gold jewellery and wrapped in many layers of intricate, ornate, and finely woven textiles believed the finest ever produced in Mesoamerica.   [Paracas is famous for this fabric].   Some were then placed inside a large basket.  More than 429 human mummy bundles have been found there, as well as bundles containing parrots, foxes, dogs, cats, frogs, and deer.  

In Paracas culture an elongated skull was a sign of nobility

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