Plaza Mayor

Madrid for kids

Find Torre del Oro Bar Andalu to see photographsof bullfights and other bullfighting paraphernalia.   WARNING: It is gruesome.   Get an adult to look first

Plaza Major was built in the 1617

Every Sunday there is a stamp, cards and coin market.

If you can find this you can solve the second mission

Did you find all 7 things?
Heres a trickier puzzle to solve
Shed some light on the Plazas history, At your back you will solve the mystery I stand tall in each quadrant and provide respite for the occupant


Here is a pretty difficult mission.   Just getting my revenge for all of those tails

I have had stuck in my butt at birthday parties.   Hee Haw.
Can you Find -
1. ME, the literate donkey
2. A fishing monkey
3. the weather forecast
4. A hungry bear
5. A real bulls head
6. A golden crown
7. King Felipe II

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